How to Use an Act of Territorial Expansion in Megapolis

In Megapolis, players start out with a few buildings, then follow quests or missions to add more buildings to their city, increase population, and expand to become a sprawling metropolis. Expansions will become necessary after a while, and you can purchase them with Megabucks or you can use an item that is called an Act of Territorial Expansion. Just follow these simple steps to learn how to use these particular documents.

1. Opening the game-Tap the Megapolis icon on your mobile device to open the game.

2. Getting Acts of Territorial Expansion- Before you actually use Acts of Territorial Expansion, you have to get them. There is only one way to do this, and that is through friends. Send Acts of Territorial Expansion to friends. When they send them to you, they will be visible in your Storehouse.

3. Using Acts of Territorial Expansion- Open the Shop menu. At the bottom right of your screen, you will see three icons. The one in the middle looks like a house. This is your Shop menu. Tap this icon to open it. You can also tap an empty space in your current area to bring up the Shop menu. Tap Expansions to open the Expansions menu. You will see how many Acts of Territorial Expansion it takes to purchase the expansion. Tap the buy button to use the Acts of Territorial Expansion.