How to Use Android Beam

Android Beam helps to share your information between your devices. If you wish to transfer your information between your Android devices, then follow the instructions listed below. Android beam uses Near-field communication (NFC). Most modern Android phones have NFC.

Step 1: Go to your phones settings, a gear icon.

Step 2: Click “About Phone.”

Step 3: Find NFC or Near Field Communications in your device settings.

Step 4: Set NFC to the on position. Set Android Beam to the on position.

Step 5: Choose the files you wish to share between the devices.

Step 6: Now you can hold your devices back to back until you feel a light vibration.

Step 7: You will see the files information on your device.

Step 8: Click to load the files on the second device.

Recap: Sharing information between devices can help to keep your information organized and it can also help you to share content with friends who also have an Android device. It is a built in capability within the Android. It is an effective way to transfer files or other information. Beam is one of the newer features offered by Android that makes sharing between devices easier than ever before.