How to Use Apple Pay within Apps

Apple Pay is a virtual payment system run through your Passbook app that lets you make payments on things from your Apple device. You can even use it from within other apps that you might be buying things from.

Step 1
There are several apps that allow you to purchase things with the Apple Pay system. If Apple Pay is available to be used by a certain app you will be able to see an “Apple Pay” payment option within your cart. When you have selected everything you want to purchase, go into your cart and select that option.

Step 2
Using Apple Pay allows you to bypass all the usual steps to making a purchase as all your card information and relevant shipping and billing addresses are already stored in your Passbook app. When you select the Apple Pay option a window will pop up that shows you the information the payment process is using. You can change this if you need to.

Step 3
Once you are sure you have the correct payment information you use the Touch ID to place your purchase. Your device should vibrate and beep when the payment has successfully gone through.

Once you have your Apple Pay set up with the right card information and addresses you can make all sorts of purchases through various apps. Just select the “Apple Pay” option when in your cart, check to make sure it’s using the right information, and then confirm your purchase with Touch ID.