How to Use Automator to Increase Speed on the MacBook Pro

A MacBook Pro is an extremely smart piece of tool. It not only allows a variety of ease of processes, but also allows you to automate certain tasks using its in-built automator tool. This requires a bit of knowledge of coding and how processes are automated, but at the same time the task which would take an immense amount of technical knowledge to automate can be done in a much simpler way using the Automator tool. Follow these steps below and learn how to automate your tasks and speed up the MacBook Pro:

Step 1
Launch the ‘Automator’ application from the Applications list.

Step 2
The Automator app will show you the list of apps which can be used for its automation services, and also the various automation services it can provide.

Step 3
Select the action which you would like to automate, and drag it over to the blank space next to it titled the ‘Workflow Window’.

Step 4
You can see a variety of personalization options available, some requiring a change in the coding. Make whatever changes necessary.

Step 5
Test run the automation process by clicking on the ‘Run’ button on the top right corner, and if not perfect make the necessary changes.

Step 6
Save it with the file format ‘Application’.

Step 7
You can now find the created automation service under the first tab of the respective application.

Automator can be used for various tasks such as burning a CD ROM, creating backup sources, running anti-virus scans, etc. You can also set Automator to run on start-up so that the entire automation process can take place without you having to touch a single extra button.