How to Use Face ID with Apps In iPhone X

Your iPhone X can use your Face ID to authenticate your identity on certain apps.
At the time of this writing, not all apps are updated to support Face ID. A few that do support include:
■Chase Mobile
While setting up a Face ID supported app, you must provide your information for the first time. Upon completion, the app prompts for your permission to use Face ID to authenticate your identity before you are allowed to access its interface.
Depending on the app, the set up process may differ. However, the basic idea of using Face ID instead of Touch ID or typing a password remains the same.
This tutorial uses 1Password as an example for demonstration.
Here’s how you can set up an iPhone app to be used with Face ID:
Assuming that you’ve already downloaded your preferred Face ID supported app from App Store:
Confirm App’s Allowance to Use Face ID
    Get to the app’s settings window
    Tap Settings from the Home screen, and tap the app’s name from the bottom of the Settings window. This opens the app’s settings window that lets you customize the app as needed.

    Confirm Allowance for Face ID

Confirm if the Face ID toggle button is enabled. This ensures that the app supports, and is allowed to use Face ID. Depending on the app, the Face ID button may be present at a different place, and may or may not be enabled by default.

Set Up the App for Face ID
    Launch the app
    Tap the app’s icon from the Home screen. This opens the app’s interface for you. If you haven’t set up any account on the app (1Password for this demonstration), you’ll be prompted to do so.

    Log in or create a new account
    Log in to your existing account or create a new one in the app. This gives Face ID a platform to work on. A standalone vault with a simple password is created for demonstration in this tutorial.

    Confirm Face ID authentication

Leave the Unlock with Face ID button enabled (or enable the button if disabled), and finalize the set up process. This allows to app to unlock with your Face ID every time it requires authentication.

Test Face ID with the App
    Close and reopen the app
    Close the app if already opened, and relaunch it from the Home screen. This makes the app require authentication before it allows access.
    Authenticate with Face ID

Look at the screen of your iPhone X. This unlocks the app with your Face ID. The app displays an icon indicating successful authentication, and allows you to pass through the security check to its interface.

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