How to Use Fire TV on Ethernet

Home entertainment is great when you have a fast Wi-Fi connection which allows you to stream your favorite shows. Anyone can attest to the frustration that lodges somewhere deep in your system when the connection is slow or congested. Whatever the cause of the slow connection, the one solution you should consider is Fire TV on Ethernet.

All you need to be able to start enjoying uninterrupted streaming and bid buffering a long desired fare-thee-well is an Ethernet adapter. You must connect to the internet in order to complete setting up your device and for the content, you are streaming to be accessible on Fire TV devices.

Follow these simple steps to connect to a Wired Network with an Ethernet Cable:

1. Connect the 'Ethernet Adapter' to the 'Micro-USB Port'
You will find the port on the back of your fire TV Cube.

2. Connect the 'Ethernet Cable to the Fire Tv 'Ethernet Adapter'
One end of the Ethernet cable connects to the Fire TV Ethernet adapter while the other end connects to any available Ethernet port on your modem or router.

3. Check Your 'Fire TV Menu'
On the menu, select the ‘Settings’ option.

Now click on ‘Network.

Select the 'Wired' option. Once the connection goes through, a confirmation message will appear on your screen.

4. Ethernet Solutions

A practical Ethernet adapter provides the best solution for the following:

● If your Wi-Fi is congested maybe because someone is busy downloading.
● You might have a poor wireless signal.
● When you have no wireless router at home.
● If your home experiences poor performance from the network
● If your old wireless router only supports up to 802.11b.

To get faster internet connections, you will need a device that provides a speed of full 10/100 Mbps Ethernet performance. The micro-USB 2.0 should be at 480 Mbps so that you can enjoy a faster and reliable internet access.

With a plug & play device, you do not need to do any installation of a driver for your Ethernet adapter. Once it is plugged in, it simply gets to work. You are then free from channel, frequency, interference and security issues. Get a USB power cable and Micro USB cable that has enough length to reach so that it does not hang in the air. This may lead to a weak Ethernet connectivity.

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