How to Use Keyboard Controls in Netflix


Netflix started nearly 20 years ago and is now available in around 200 countries. It has a variety of award-winning TV series, movies and even documentaries from various sources.
While many people use it on their phones or tablets, you can also use a keyboard for a keyboard-only experience. Here’s how to use keyboard controls in Netflix.

1. Open ‘Netflix’
You will need to sign in if you are already using Netflix and want to change your plan. URL:

2. Select a Video to Watch
You can select any movie or series to watch as they all will let you use keyboard controls.

3. While Viewing ‘Keyboard Controls’
Here are a few keyboard controls for watching a series or a movie. This helps a lot of viewers achieve a hassle-free viewing experience.

  • ● Play/Pause – Spacebar OR Enter key
    ● Enable Fullscreen – F key
    ● Play – Page Up key
    ● Pause – Page Down key
    ● Play/Pause – Spacebar OR Enter key
    ● Toggle by frame – CTRL + Spacebar
    ● Rewind 10 seconds – Shift + Left Arrow key
    ● Fast Forward 10s – Shift + Right Arrow key
    ● Mute toggle – M key
    ● Cancel Fullscreen – ESC key
    ● Volume Up/Down - Up/Down Arrow Keys
4. Rest of Keyboard Controls
You can also use the keyboard to navigate the Netflix website. You can use the TAB key on your keyboard to move the pointer selection, and hit ENTER to select it.

5. Watch With Ease
Now you can watch your selected videos with only keyboard controls.

Keyboard controls are useful for those who prefer to watch on a laptop or desktop computer.