How to Use Netflix Hidden Streaming Menu to Solve Buffering Problems on Chrome


Over the last few years, there has been a massive increase in the users registered to the Netflix service. A lot of features introduced enabled the users for easy navigation. Netflix provided the opportunity to watch their favorite TV shows or movies online or even download to watch them offline.

It became very significant to solve the buffering problem while streaming the media content. This is possible once the user accessed the hidden streaming manager while playing the video. Here is how you use Netflix’s hidden streaming menu with a shortcut and thereby adjust the buffering rate thereby solving the buffering problems on the Chrome browser.

Step 1
Log in to your 'Netflix Account'
The user must open the ‘Chrome’ browser and type in the in the address of the browser as shown in the figure to open the Netflix on your Chrome browser.

Step 2
Hidden diagnostic streaming menu
The user can click on any movie which they prefer to watch without any buffering problems. Now the user has to use the shortcut option of ‘Shift + Alt + click mouse’ on the screen of the movie. You will get access to the hidden diagnostic streaming menu options.

Step 3
Choose ‘Stream Manager’
From the list of the hidden streaming menu, the user must choose ‘Stream Manager’ to set the bit rates and thereby solve the buffering problems while the streaming of the movies. Similarly, you can also modify the sync settings by selecting that option.

Step 4
Select the 'Buffering rate'
The user can now see the options of the streaming manager. You can select the buffering rate of your choice either manually or from the list of suggested buffering rates. Once selected click the ‘Apply’ button to solve the buffering problem while playing the video.

You can now successfully solve the frequently occurring buffering problem on the chrome browser by accessing the hidden streaming menu.