How To Use PokeAssisstant

Pokeassistant is a website designed for Pokemon Go that can present you with a whole host of resources at your fingertips to help you to become the best pokemon trainer you can be. But how do you use all of the information this website will throw at you?

Step 1)How to use the IV calculator.
The IV calculator is probably one of the most important tools at your disposal on this site, and can also be one of the most confusing as well. Check out my separate guide all on IVs, what they are, and how to find them, located here.


Step 2)Using the move list to determine how good your pokemon is.
The IV score isn't the only thing that makes a pokemon good, the move list it is able to use are also a contributing factor as some moves are better than others. Poke assistant has a guide on their website that will list every single move any pokemon can learn in the game. It will sort them from highest damage per second to lowest. You can click on each move to see what pokemon can learn it. From this you can go through the list and find what move for your specific pokemon is going to be best, by expanding what can learn each move starting at the highest DPS move, until find your pokemon listed under one of the moves. Check this with both fast moves and charged moves and you'll be able to find the two highest possible dps moves for your specific type of pokemon. If you can find one with both a high IV, and the right moves to go with it, it honestly doesn't matter how low it's CP is to start, it'll be worth powering up.


Step 3)Choosing the best defender or attacker.
Generally, both attacking a gym and defending it comes down to who has the higher CP, but if you really want to increase your chances of success you can check what type of pokemon, with what moves, would be the absolute best against a certain defender when you are attacking a gym, or you can see which pokemon rate as the best for defending a gym so you know who to place there to defend it.


Step 4)The Pidgey Spam tool.
This handy little tool will allow you to input how many pidgey are currently in your roster, and how much pidgey candy you currently have. It will then tell you how long it will take to evolve and transfer all of the pidgeottos to the professer, and how much experience it will get you for doing that all during the duration of a lucky egg. This can be pretty handy when trying to evolve as many pidgey as possible for the maximum amount of experience to really optimize your lucky egg usage. Use this before you use the egg, and figure out how many Pidgey you should farm up.


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