How to Use Team-Up Boosts in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a a 3x3 puzzle game with some twists and tricks for players to use. The "Team-Up Boost" is one of them. Below, you'll learn what a Team-Up Boost is and how to use them.

1. Open the Marvel Puzzle Quest Game on your device by tapping on the icon.

2. Enter any game mode.

3. Earning the Boost: During a fight, you will earn a Team-Up boost if you defeat an enemy. You will get a team-up boost card for each of the enemies you beat.
Note: you will not get team-up boosts against a team of Maggia Goons or Hammer.

4. The rewards: There is no specific reward. The characters and the power cards will be randomly chosen. But you will always get a boost card until there’s a playable character on the enemy side.

5. Using them: In conjunction with character abilities, you can choose up to three boosts to enhance your team. You can purchase the additional quantities by using Hero points or ISO-8.

6. Categories of Boosts: There are two types of boosts. They are Stockpile and Power Boost.

7. You can easily increase the amount of damage to the enemies by combining boosts.
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