How to Use the Continuity Camera Feature on Your MacBook Pro


The brand new operating system from Apple MacOS Mojave seems to never run out of amazing new features. The one we are going to talk about here is called ‘Continuity Camera’ and this one has users saying wow! Basically, what this feature does is allow you to click a photo from your iPhone or iPad camera and insert it directly into the file you are working on. What’s even more is that you are not even required to unlock your Apple mobile device to click the photo, your MacBook can prompt open the camera remotely. Wondering how to do this?

Follow the steps below to use the Continuity Camera feature on your MacBook Pro:

Step 1
Find out the applications which support this feature and open up any of them. For example, Microsoft Word.

Step 2
Click where you would like the image to appear.

Step 3
Click on the insert menu on the task bar on top, and select the option ‘Import from iPhone or iPad’.

Step 4
Your Apple mobile device’s camera should have been launched and you can click a photo. After clicking select the ‘Use Photo’ option if you are satisfied with the picture and or you can click again using the ‘Retake’ option. If you click on ‘Use Photo’ the picture you have clicked will appear in the document where you first selected.

Things to note:
  • ■Both the devices need to be close to each other.
    ■Both the devices, the MacBook and the mobile device needs to have their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activated.
    ■The same Apple ID needs to be used to log onto iCloud from both devices.
    ■MacOS Mojave and iOS 12 are necessary for this feature to work.