How to Use the Dynamic Display that Matches the Hour of the Day Wherever You are in the MacBook Pro


The latest MacOS Mojave comes with a variety of new features and quirks, one of them being the Dynamic Display. What this feature does is that it regulates the color of your desktop wallpaper or the wallpaper itself according to the position of the Sun.

Sounds complex? Not really. Just like any device that requires changing of the brightness setting depending on where and when you are using it, so does your MacBook, and this function is now self-performed by the Dynamic Display feature. For example, the wallpaper of the Mojave Desert which is the basic wallpaper of the new MacBook Pro will change its brightness and color as the day proceeds, being the brightest at noon and darkest in the evening and night.
Let us see how to activate and use this feature.

Step 1
Go to the ‘Menu’ and find the tab ‘System Preferences’ and click on it.

Step 2
Click on the option ‘Desktop & Screensaver’ and open the tab.

Step 3
Click on the ‘Desktop’ tab and you will find the words ‘Mojave’ with a drop-down menu below it, which will contain the option ‘Dynamic’.

Step 4
Select any of the Dynamic Desktop wallpapers available in the same tab and your Dynamic Desktop will be activated.

Things to note:
  • ■The Dynamic Display feature works only for the wallpapers which are categorized for its purpose and not any image you choose. Currently there are only two option with more in development.
    ■This feature makes use of the location services to monitor the position of the sun. Therefore, you will need to turn location services on for the Dynamic Display option to work.