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  1. rezasam1

    tom'sGUIDE Mobile Wallpaper !

  2. P

    Solved! When i hook my computer up to my tv thru my hdmi cable they do not match up. The computer will have one wallpaper on it and th

    My computer and tv both have pictures when hooked thru hdmi but will not link up the same and i cant watch movies or do anything from computer to tv. Is this maybe a short in my hdmi or a me thing?
  3. A

    Solved! Find my photo wallpaper deleted this morning

    Lost wallpaper photo this morning
  4. C

    Solved! i have upload my photos but cant use them for my wallpaper

    i want to use my photos for my wallpaper . I have uploaded them but it keeps showing " no images" please help as i am new to chrome book
  5. R

    I have the RCA Voyager 3 Tablet- it doesn't want to save my wallpaper after I change it.

    Help, anyone? Please, thañk you for reading this. I don't know if any one else has this issue, but I'm sure someone can help me.
  6. M

    how to change wallpaper on chromebook(updated)

    1. right-click on prefered image in drive 2. click on "download". 3. in the menu that comes up, click and hold to drag the preferred image to the images folder located above the drive in the side menu, and then go to the left in the maybe empty folder and relese. 4. go to your computer...
  7. R

    How to Use the Dynamic Display that Matches the Hour of the Day Wherever You are in the MacBook Pro

    The latest MacOS Mojave comes with a variety of new features and quirks, one of them being the Dynamic Display. What this feature does is that it regulates the color of your desktop wallpaper or the wallpaper itself according to the position of the Sun. Sounds complex? Not really. Just like...
  8. C

    Solved! My computer won’t let me type anything and the only visible thing on it is wallpaper and sign in

    My computer won’t let me type anything and all I see is wallpaper and sign in notice?
  9. A

    how do you wallpaper google home screen

    i cant um like uhh whats this i cant um like uhh cough cough cough cough times four but yeah um my background of gogle wont work lol i did before i cant rember
  10. E

    Is thear a on top of everythaing transparent live wallpaper ?

    Hi all I want a live wallpaper like rain, snow or clouds that is always on top of every thaing.. kinda like widgets. It does need to be transparent. Any one know of such a thaing ?
  11. L

    How to Change wallpaper without a mouse to right click

    I don't have a mouse for my chromebook and everything says to right click.
  12. L

    laptop stuck in shuttingdown

    i cant open my laptop lenovo ideapad320 its stuck with my screenlock wallpaper
  13. EndlessZone123

    Need Programs for Hover Over preview of program shortcuts.

    Hey. I tend to keep program short cuts on my Windows 10 desktop and am tired of putting them in corners or grouped together on the desktop. I'm looking for a program when i hover my mouse over it would extend/preview what file/shortcuts i put in it, i am then able to open or drag out...
  14. S

    Solved! How to set video as wallpaper for Macbook?

    :??: Question: I am using a Macbook Pro 15inch manufactured in 2015. Can I use a video as wallpaper on the Macbook Pro? :no: Answer: There is no way for you to set a video as wallpaper for Macbook computers. You should not use it as it will make your Mac hotter and consume more power. :ange...
  15. D

    Wallpaper picture missing

    My picture that I had on my lock screen disappeared phone randomly changed my picture and now I can't find my picture anywhere. It has happened twice now with two different pictures can't find either one anywhere.
  16. H

    how do i change my wallpaper on my chromebook without administration

    how to change my wallpaper
  17. E

    Iphone 5 wallpaper sharing

    As mentioned, people can come here to share their iphone 5 phone wallpaper. The images that people love can refer me to use as wallpaper for my iphone 5. Thank you!
  18. S

    How to Change Desktop Background In MacBook Pro

    Used in this example, macOS High Sierra has many built-in images that you can use as desktop background. However, be it a MacBook Pro or any other Mac computer, if you’re new to the platform, you may find it challenging to change the wallpaper.Here’s how it can be done with a few simple steps...
  19. M

    is there a small hole in SM-T280 which factory reset the device?

    my sis have putten a zip wallpaper in her tab. now the zip is not opening and her tab is not power offing so that we do hard reset. can u please help me of how to unlock her tab.
  20. knanan

    Optimize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Battery Life

    Battery life and power usage are issues faced by all Android users. Even though the Galaxy Note 8’s 3300mAh battery is enough to power the phone for an entire day with moderate usage, there are simple steps that owners can take to get the most out of the phone’s battery. Here we outline 8 tips...
  21. N

    Wallpaper Portrait display vs. Landscape

    Hello, I have a Astro Tab A-10 and wondering how to resolve a problem I notice with the wallpaper display. Astro Tab A10 – 10 inch tablet, Octa Core, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 1GB RAM, 16GB Flash, HD IPS Display 1280x800 The wallpaper I want to use (for our company) has a logo in the middle...
  22. B

    Looking for an interactive (live) wallpaper for Win10, ideas?

    Hey, As the title is given, I'm looking for an interactive (live) wallpaper on which I can set different clocks around the timezones. Digital would be the best but analog is still fine. So the clocks would work in real-time, and I could set 4 or 5 or more clocks at the same time. Hope you guys...
  23. D

    Think might have a virus on samsung tablet

    My daughter downloaded a wallpaper for her samsung tablet. Now it won't do anything....won't budge from wallpaper...won't turn off so I can do a factory reset. What else can I do... I think it might be a virus.
  24. JackM3

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Screen Orientation

    Hello. I got a Samsung tablet the other day and its so hard to find a wallpaper. When you find one it looks good one orientation but then the other it is cut off or doesn't look good. Is there anyway I can change it to have a different wallpaper for a different orientation? Any comments help...
  25. G

    PLEASE HELP!!! Pc completely messed up after removing malware

    Ok so I can't really explain very well with the title my exact problem but I was getting slower load times then normal in games so I cleaned out my pc did all the speed up ur pc tricked then I got malwarebytes ran a scan got 30 threats removed them went to restart my pc everything booted fine...
  26. S

    What is this coarse spot on the laptop screen ?

    I have laptop Thinkpad T450s with matte IPS screen which I just bought. It's a secondhand item so no warranty. I found out there are some coarse spots on the screen. If I scratch the spot using my fingernail, the surface feels coarse or not smooth. Since it's not smooth, so I guess it's not a...
  27. N

    Screen rotation causes wallpaper pixelation

    I just bought a Lenovo tablet today. It has a 10.1 inch screen with 1280x800 resolution. Every time I rotate my tablet my screen rotates, which is expected, however my background pixelates. I have tried using a wallpaper app but it produces similar results and even tried to install a different...
  28. S

    how to change my wallpaper on acer

    :bounce: can you help me change my wallpaper cause i dont like this one
  29. R

    Rca voyager ll launcher 3 error and wont factory reset .. Any suggestions?

    After reset i reboot and my custom wallpaper is still up . when i put in passcode get many app errors then launcher 3 error and tablet goes to load screen
  30. A

    All files encrypted with .odin

    Hello guys, All my files have a .odin extension to them.When i opened my pc my desktop wallpaper was:.I have scanned my pc with malwarebytes and removed all threats.Is there any way i can restore my files?I had no backups of this pc.
  31. X

    How do i make my wallpaper not blurry without an app and when i go into settings and display and wallpaper there is not an opt

    When i go into the settings and display/wallpaper i cant find a button to fix the blurr on my wallpaper im on samsung galaxy tab e
  32. F

    Autorotate is acting weird Help Please

    I just got a refurbished Asus Memo Pad 7HD Me173x. Same as my last tablet. It has an odd issue with it's autorotate feature. With several apps it works just fine. But the home page is stuck in portrait 1 direction mode. If I flip it over it doesn't rotate or ever go to landscape. Actually...
  33. L

    Wallpaper Apps For Desktop? What are the best options?

    I just got a nice new 1440P IPS display. I want to stretch its legs. I was wondering if there was a wallpaper app that would automatically show/download new wallpapers daily or weekly or whatever. Anyone know of a program like this? One that works well.
  34. R

    Am I being Hacked?

    Ok, so last night I was playing some games on my computer, with some other applications opened. When I closed everything, I saw a different background on my desktop. The background said "motivation, some people need it more than others" with a picture. You can find this picture by googling the...
  35. B

    how do i change the wallpaper on my chrome book if it won't let me

    I am trying to change the wallpaper on my chrome book but it's not letting me.
  36. J

    How do I change the wallpaper of the home screen that's behind the picture that I picked?

    Okay, so I have this picture that I want to have as my home screen (this is on a Chromebook), and it's a rectangle with a drawing and a white background. Now, this drawing doesn't look good Center Chopped and Stretched, however it does look good just Centered. HOWEVER, when it puts the picture...
  37. J

    How to theme Android like a boss

    You don’t have to have a rooted device to completely change how Android looks. For the average user, rooting is too much hassle and comes with too many caveats. We like to play with our phones but like the safety and reliability of the stock OS. If that sounds like you, here’s how to theme...
  38. I

    all apps changed

    i downloaded a app that would change my wallpaper. but instead it changed all my apps to different colors and different names. please help me as soon as possible. i got my computer on saturday and im having a computer break down.
  39. V

    Bad Screen Bleed and Faulty GPU?

    This is a new dell laptop Inspiron i7559. Is this a bad screen bleed? Should i exchange it. Also after updating the drivers my desktop wallpaper changes automatically between this greyed pixeled and my original wallpaper. Happens randomly. All the drivers are up to date. Any ideas? Thanks...
  40. rezasam1

    tom'sGUIDE Wallpaper !

    Wall-E 1080P Download
  41. C

    how do i make a picture from the internet my wallpaper on a acer laptop

    [b]i love gymnastics so i want to make a gymnastics picture from the internet my wallpaper on a acer laptop how do i do that
  42. Barty1884

    Restore Alienware sounds/theme etc

    Hi all, I bought a second-hand Alienware M11X R3 at the weekend (didn't need it, but I got a great deal). I upgraded to SSD with a fresh Windows 7 HP install on it. (although the fresh install was on another computer......should I reformat and do it again? Trying to restore all "Alienware"...
  43. N

    realtime music equalizer wallpapers

    is there such thing as an music equalizer wallpaper? like i am playing a song on spotify and something like this http://www.clker.com/cliparts/w/J/f/A/a/W/music-equalizer.svg is in the background but in realtime. is that possible? and if so please link
  44. L

    how do i change my wallpaper

    how do i change my wallpaper on my chromebook becaues i dount now how
  45. M

    wallpaper & sound display on TV but not video.

    I have an HDMI cable connecting my Chromebook & TV. The wallpaper displays on the TV and the sound from the video plays on the TV, but not the video itself. What am I doing wrong?
  46. viveknayyar007

    How to Change Background Wallpaper on a Chromebook

    After you have successfully installed the Chrome OS on your PC, you may want to change its wallpaper. You can follow the detailed instructions given below about how to change desktop wallpaper on your Chromebook: ■Turn on your Chromebook. ■Right-click anywhere on the desktop screen to open the...
  47. tomsguideUS

    How to Edit Wallpaper in QuizUp

    If you play a lot of QuizUp, you'll want the game to be aesthetically pleasing to you. In just a few steps, you can change the game's wallpaper to something you like: Steps: 1. Open ‘QuizUp’ on your device by tapping on the ‘QuizUp’ icon 2. Open the sidebar menu. Then tap on your username from...
  48. tomsguideUS

    How to Make a Motion Background for iPhone Running iOS 11

    Even though motion backgrounds may not display any live motions in your iPhone’s Home screen, they still give decent depth to make the icons look floating. Although iOS 11 has some built-in live images that you can set as motion background for your iPhone, if you want, you can even create some...
  49. R

    where do i put my wallpaper

    :??:where do i put y wallpaper
  50. S

    Asus ux301L has a strange screen glitch (Windows 8)

    Portions of my laptop screen and active windows will flicker and glitch. Depending on what color wallpaper I am using different areas of my screen will have "zones" where I move windows into that will start this flickering the toolbar and the current active window. In the video below the...
  51. T

    Laptop screen blinking

    When i turned in my laptop today and just started today, I've had it for 5 months and whenever I turn it on when it shows my wallpaper the screen turns blue then shows my wallpaper and the the toolbar refreshes
  52. P

    Lock Screen unable to change

    Hey frnds, I bought Grand 2 three months back nad yesterday i updated to android kitkat version 4.4.2 but after update i am unable to change the lock screen wallpaper. Home screen i able to change but i am able to change the wallpaper for lock screen but its not reflecting to my lock screen only...
  53. Whammy

    Remove live wallpaper light flare on lock screen Android 4.3

    I've been googling a bunch and looking through forums and I can't find how to remove the light flare on the lock screen of live wallpapers when sliding, for Android 4.3 on my S3. Thanks!
  54. E

    Looking for advise on a software.

    Hi, I'm in need of a free software that helps to limit the user's access to the computer. Our employees have a terrible habits of changing the background wallpaper, re-arranging the taskbar position, listening to music at work. I'm looking for a software that blocks them from doing these...
  55. Q

    Can't set lock screen wallpaper

    I have a Galaxy S2 with Android 4.1.2 Whenever I try to set my wallpaper for the lockscreen it doesn't work. It asks me to crop the image, which I do, after that it saves the cropped image but doesn't set it as wallpaper. Why?
  56. B

    How to change a resolution of an image?

    I'm not sure how I could approach this, but I have a triple portrait monitor setup 3240x1920 and I can't find ANY hd wallpapers for this resolution, I am currently using a wallpaper for a much higher resolution and it is extremely zoomed in and it looks odd. Now is there a way I can change...
  57. A

    Wallpaper changing depending on time of day

    So basically as the title states, is there a way to rotate between wallpapers (like sunrise, sunset) depending on the time of day? The Windows wallpaper changer rotates at a time interval so it desyncs when you log off/shut down you computer whereas I would like a way so that it changes at...
  58. A

    VBS script not running every time

    Hey, so pretty much, it is as the title states. I have set up a VBS script and it does run but not always. I have to click on it multiple times for it to work. It a script to set up a wallpaper as a background and I have it set with a task scheduler so that it changes wallpapers in relation to...
  59. G

    when I give someone to upgrade it there was no sound at all

    At first it was not showing icons it was only the wallpaper,then I gave it to someone to fix it ,when it came back there was no musical sound only the system beeps What might it be how can I fix that
  60. Narrator

    how to correctly Resize Tablet Wallpapers?

    Hey All, I have been wrapping my head around a issue I have encountered. My tablet has a Screen Res of 800x1280. is there anyway to resize 1920x1080 res wallpapers so that none of the wallpaper is cut off? Also is it possible to keep the quality but at a lower resolution? I am a newb in the...