how to correctly Resize Tablet Wallpapers?


Sep 17, 2013
Hey All, I have been wrapping my head around a issue I have encountered. My tablet has a Screen Res of 800x1280. is there anyway to resize 1920x1080 res wallpapers so that none of the wallpaper is cut off? Also is it possible to keep the quality but at a lower resolution? I am a newb in the graphics design field so if this is farfetched please forgive me, and be gentle.


Do you want to just change the setting to not cut off? Or do you want to change the image size? Both are different things. I need to know what os the tablet is running for the first. And the second is doable on any image editting software. On your screen it'll look the same since larger images have to be downsized to 1280x800 anyways.


Sep 17, 2013
The tablet is a Samsung GalaxyTab 8.0 Running jellybean. The problem I'm having is that when I choose Wallpapers of the correct size (800x1280) they turn out blurry, Always Blurry. I have tested this using multiple images. The only time I can get a decent looking wallpaper is If I use a 1800x1920 wallpaper. The only problem with this is that it cuts a decent amount of the wallpaper off. I would like to be able to resize the wallpaper without loosing any of the quality. (No blurriness) however I accomplish this is of no big deal to me. I just cant stand a blurry wallpaper!!! Thanks for your fast reply!!!!
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