Question How to get on to Acer Community forum.

Nov 28, 2021
Maybe I'm missing something here - I'm not the most tech savvy person in the world, but I'm hardly computer or internet illiterate.

Thus I cannot figure out how to log into Acer's offical forum. I have NO idea how to type using bold and italic fonts in a lousy captcha field. It's not like I'm using Microsoft Office where pressing alt-I or alt-b will solve that problem. Nope. That captcha crap is annoying in and of itself without having to triple or quadruplI e the annoyance factor by making the captcha complicated. Those idiotic ones where you have to count the number of "windows" containing a part of a motorcycle or some other thing is utter garbage.

And so is having to use bold and italics (sometimes both) fonts. I even went to a captcha website that explained how - if you wanted a bold letter T, you had to type T ... but if Acer expected me to sit there and type out something like: QCPX{B]C[/B]U just to access their forum, well, they can kiss my backside. That's waaaay too much work. The idea is to prove you're not a spambot, not to test your friggin typing skills (just one typo would reset the entire captcha requiring you to start over from scratch with an entirely new set of bolded and italicized numbers and letters). I still have no idea how to get around that damn captcha but I'm so annoyed now that I don't even care about their miserable forum.

Whenever I try to register, it says my email address is already registered - yet - none of my usual passwords work. When I click the "Forgot Password?" link, it says to reset it - except you need to enter your password in order to reset it. Brilliant, yeah? It's amazing there can be so much rubbish just trying to log into a forum. As if I'm trying to hack Area 51 - which would probably be less frustrating than this idiotic forum.

All I want to do is to disable the laptop keyboard from doing anything other than typing the corresponding letter. I've absolutely had it with losing documents I'm typing due to keys doing strange and unwelcome things if pressed in a certain combination. The most notorious thing is when typing, suddenly half of my document will be highlighted - and then deleted in rapid succession. I'm tired of trying to type on this thing because of how easy it is to literally delete 95% of your document. I'm a fast typist - around 80 wpm, so when I suddenly see my document become highlighted, I don't have time to stop myself from hitting the next key - which always ends up deleting everything that's highlighted. And how the hell did it get highlighted in the first place? I need to be able to disable the keys from highlighting or deleting text - or anything else I don't want the keys to "accidentally" do.

But thanks to the ridiculous hassle it is to get into the Acer forum, I'm stuck trying to post this issue in "generic" forums - meaning forums that cover all tech related issues from all types and brands of computers. I was hoping posting on an Acer forum in particular there would be a greater chance of someone knowing how to fix this miserable problem.


Your issue with typing sounds like you are touching the touchpad while typing. There is no way to disable any other functions of the keyboard like FN, ALT, CAPS LOCK, etc... keys since those are needed for it to work properly with selecting things.

I bet if you disable the touchpad most of your issues will go away. If you use the laptop as mainly a desktop I suggest getting a normal external keyboard and mouse to use with it for rapid typing.
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