Autorotate is acting weird Help Please


Sep 30, 2016
I just got a refurbished Asus Memo Pad 7HD Me173x. Same as my last tablet. It has an odd issue with it's autorotate feature. With several apps it works just fine. But the home page is stuck in portrait 1 direction mode. If I flip it over it doesn't rotate or ever go to landscape. Actually the live wallpaper I have used on my old tablet is really weird. The background is frozen but the live portion (3d tardis live wallpaper from googleplay) does rotate. I'm not super tech savy but I checked everywhere for autorotate settings that I could find and they are all set correctly.(In the top of the pull down menu that has buttons for WiFi,autorotate, autosync,GPS etc) In the accessibility settings. I've tried rebooting, I don't know what to try next. Any help would be appreciated.

I chose the first answer because I was chosing to respond to that answer not saying it solved the problem. It didn't work. I still have the problem. I actually did this before I asked for help. I am new to forums.
It could be a software bug, that if was not updated yet on the phone, may only need the firmware updated. I would try that.

If that doesn't work, and if you just bought it, then it shouldn't have any problems. If this is the case, refurbished or not, you should contact the place of purchase or the manufacturer and see about them repairing or replacing it.