How to Use the Gestures in the Track Pad of the MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro track pads come with a lot of quirks which most laptop brands don’t provide. You can use various finger steps on the track pad and perform a series of tasks which would otherwise involve clicking and dragging something.
These steps can be viewed in the ‘Trackpad’ section in your system preferences and can be changed or removed as well. In this article we have listed them down for you.

Step 1
One finger click serves as a 'LMB' click.

Step 2
Two finger click serves as a 'RMB' click.

Step 3
Double tapping with both fingers activates zoom in and zoom out functions wherever applicable.

Step 4
Placing two fingers on the track pad and sliding up or down activates scroll.

Step 5
Placing two fingers on the track pad and making a pinching step will activate zoom in and vice-versa.

Step 6
Placing two fingers on the touchpad and rotating them will rotate a page or an image.

Step 7
Swiping left or right with three fingers can take you to the next or previous item.

Step 8
Placing two fingers at the rightmost edge and dragging them to the left activates the notification center.

Step 9
Three fingers can be placed on the track pad and moved to activate click and hold option.

Step 10
Placing four fingers on the top of the track pad and dragging them down will show you the windows of all open apps.

Step 11
Placing four fingers and swiping right or left will allow you to change between active apps.

Step 12
Placing you thumb and three fingers close to each other and then moving them apart will hide all active apps and bring you to the desktop.

Apple is always adding more features to this list so check your trackpad section in the menu after each update to know if new step controls have been added.