How to Use the Netflix Recommender System


Netflix, as we know, the world’s largest online streaming platform provides users with a range of over a thousand movies and TV shows to watch online. Netflix provides the flexibility to choose from different genres which contain movies and TV shows with variations from a heart-soothing love story, or a bold entertaining action film.

Netflix provides exclusive content and features to its users, where they can personalize their cinematic experience as they please. It also features a recommender system which follows a certain algorithm and serves the users with best watch suggestions on a plate. There are certain ways in which the Netflix recommend system works. Here’s how to use the Netflix recommend system:

Method 1
Watch History
One way in which the recommend system functions is your watch history. The more shows or movies you watch, the more similar content will be recommended. Your watch history affects the recommendations you receive. Look for these tabs:

Method 2
Adding Movies and TV Shows
Another way in which the recommendation system works is by adding movies and TV shows to the watch list. Also, the benefit of a watch list is that you can save a movie or TV show to watch later directly, without making the effort of searching it. Follow these steps to add movies or TV shows to your watch list.

Step 1
On the home screen, select the 'Movie or TV show' which you wish to add.

Step 2
Once selected, click on the ‘My List’ option available on the selected interface.

Step 3
The selected show/movie is successfully added to the 'watch list'. Your watchlist recommendation will now be available on the home screen.

Using these two methods, you can use the Netflix recommendation system successfully.