How to Use the New Screenshot Tools for Better Screen Grab on the MacBook Pro


The latest MacOS Mojave has been launched with one too many updates and no one seems to be complaining yet. This is clearly because these updates are of a massive help to the user and makes certain processes much easier than before. Case in point, the new screenshot app.

Previously the MacBooks had three different screenshot shortcuts. One for screenshotting the entire screen, one for screenshotting a segment of your choice, and one for screenshotting an open window. The new app can do all of this and much more. Follow the instructions below to understand how you can use the new screenshot tool for better screen grabs.

Step 1
Use the shortcut – ‘Command’ followed by ‘Shift’ and then followed by ‘5’ to open the screenshot app. The keys need to be pressed exactly in that order and you must continue holding down the previous key(s) while pressing the next one.

Step 2
The screenshot application will open up right above your toolbar, and it has five distinct tools and also an options panel. The first three tools perform the older functions of screenshotting entire pages, or selections.

Step 3
The last two options in the screenshot tool are meant for capturing videos. The first one performs an entire screen grab of a video and the second one grabs a video playing on a certain part of the screen.

Step 4
Under the options menu you can toggle with a variety of features of the screenshot such as whether to show the cursor in the screenshot or not, default storage location, disabling or enabling the floating thumbnail right after taking a screenshot, etc. You also have the option to save your settings or use them only once.