How to Use the Shortcut Menu on the Amazon Fire Stick

Mar 16, 2018

Amazon Fire Stick has become one of the most used TV systems by people all over the world. It has enabled the customer to watch their shows or movies which are accessed through the internet on the big screen. The product has become a great hit among the people from all over the world owing to its cool and easy navigation and the wide range of the interesting features.

The biggest advantage of the product is that it provides the user an alternative way of accessing the menu and other options in the Amazon Fire TV. This has enabled the users to do the operations instantly without having the need to search through for the navigation purposes. Additionally, a Fire TV sick is also provided for easier and shortcut access. Here is how to use the shortcut menu present on the Amazon Fire Stick for easier access.

Step 1
You can watch through the varied range of different Fire TV displays by choosing the ‘Select’ +‘Right Button’ + ‘Back button’ + ‘Reverse button’. This will lead you to the list of possible displays for the Fire TV instantly.

Step 2
Now for the reboot of the Fire TV press ‘Select’ + ‘Play’ on your Fire TV remote. On performing this operation on the remote, you will notice the rebooting of the Fire TV taking place.

Step 3
To reset the fire stick completely or restore to factory settings, press ‘Select’ + ‘Right’ + ‘Back’ + ‘Reverse’. This will ensure that the device is restored to its factory settings.

These are the major shortcuts which enable the user to easily access the various functionalities, including watching the various possible displays, resetting the fire stick or restoring to factory settings. You can perform these shortcut operations perfectly by following the above steps.
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