How to Use TouchPal Keyboard

Every smartphone has a keyboard installed by default so users can tap keys to text, but many developers felt that the default keyboard wasn’t good enough so more and more types of keyboards came out as downloadable apps. One such alternative keyboard is called the TouchPal Keyboard. If you would like to learn how to use the TouchPal Keyboard, take a look below.

1. Downloading- Go to the Play Store or App Store and download the app.

2. Enabling- Go to your Language and input settings to enable the keyboard for use.

3. Icons- The TouchPal Keyboard has two basic input methods, being touch and swipe. At the top of the keyboard you will notice several icons. The first of these looks like a finger, and if you tap it, you will see the settings to enable Curve (word gesture) and Wave (sentence gesture). You will also see options to turn on or off autocorrection, one-hand layout (smaller size), resize the keyboard, and more. The next icon is a set of 3 boxes with EN in it. Tapping this shows you 3 layouts, the T+ layout (2 letters per key), T 12 layout which resembles a phone keypad, and T6, which resembles the standard keyboard. The more button lets you select language The microphone icon initiates texting by voice. The I with arrows to either side is for copying/pasting/selection/cutting/clipboard. The lower-case t icon connects to Twitter, and the down arrow returns you to your text box.

4. Using the keyboard- If you have Curve and Wave on, simply slide your finger to the letters of the word. The letters with numbers on them or symbols can be used by sliding up to input the number or down for the symbol. With Wave enabled, you will see the expected words on the keys. If you mean to use one of these words, pull it down to the space bar and moving to the next word in a continuous stroke.