How To Use Your Android Phone As WiFi Hotspot

Since many people are switching from the regular broadband Internet connections to the Internet plans that their mobile subscribers provide, there are some users do not even purchase home routers for distributing a single Internet connection among all the computers/mobile phones/tablets that they have.

In order to overcome the lack of communication that the users’ devices may experience in the absence of domestic wireless routers, Android mobile phones allow users to configure their smartphones as hotspots.

When an Android cellphone is configured to be used as hotspot, the single Internet connection for which the user has subscribe from the service provider is distributed among all the wireless devices such as laptop PCs, other mobile phones, tablets, etc. without having a regular wireless router at home.

Here’s how you can configure your Android smartphone to work as a hotspot:

    ■Turn on your Android mobile phone.
    ■Tap the Menu button to open app menu.

    ■Locate and tap the Settings icon.

    ■From the Settings interface, navigate to the WIRELESS & NETWORKS section, and tap the More… button.

    ■From the opened Wireless & networks window, tap the Tethering & portable hotspot button.

    ■Once done, from Tethering & portable hotspot interface, tap the Wi-Fi hotspot button to toggle hotspot from OFF to ON.


    ■Finally tap Wi-Fi hotspot to open and configure the desired settings for the active device.

    ■On the target devices, configure the appropriate settings to connect them with the Wi-Fi hotspot that you have just created.

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