How to Use your MacBook Pro to Close Browser Tabs on Other Apple Devices

Prior to the development of tabs a separate webpage would open in a separate browser window and you would have to sort through the various open windows to get your work done. As a result, if you had a lot of browser pages open not only would it be difficult to find the right one easily, but it would also slow down your PC. But now that tabs exist this huge process is no longer required because you have all the webpages open right into one window.

But this poses a different set of problems, especially for users of the iphone. As easy as it is to open a new tab, most people don’t close them after they are done with it. As a result these tabs remain open and constantly consume your precious data. And while the Safari browser on the iOS does close any unused tab after 14 days, this time period is too long.
The solution to this lies with a MacBook Pro. Using the MacBook Pro you can close browser tabs on your iPhone or iPad remotely. So, follow the steps below to learn this trick.

Step 1
Open the ‘Safari’ app from the menu bar.

Step 2
Click on the ‘Cloud Button’ on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3
The iCloud tabs dropdown window will open showing you the tabs which are open on your other Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Step 4
Click on the any of the tabs. Now simply close the tab on your Safari browser on the MacBook Pro and automatically the tab on your other device will be closed as well.

Keep in mind that this feature works only for the Safari browser and for devices connected via the Same Apple ID.
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