How to View Rotten Tomatoes Ratings of Movies and Shows on Netflix

Mar 16, 2018

Netflix provides the opportunity for the customers to watch the varied list of movies as well a series. It also enables users to download video content to watch it later in offline mode. These features have attracted users from all over the world. There have been constant updates to the Netflix application which are widely appreciated by the people all over the world.

It has been estimated that many people decided the movies to watch based on the famous ratings such as Rotten Tomatoes. Now the newly added feature on Netflix is that one can view the ratings of the Netflix movies on Netflix with the help of chrome extension. This has widely helped the users to view the ratings and decided whether to watch the movie or a show. Here’s how to enable the ratings of movies on Netflix.

Step 1
The first step is to open the ‘Google Chrome’ browser. Now select the ‘Menu Option’ (the three lines at the corner). Now, from the list of options choose ‘Tools’ and from its sub- options choose the ‘Extensions’.

Step 2
On opening the extensions page, you will find the list of current extensions. Select the ‘Get more extension’ option to browse and choose ‘Super Netflix’ to enable the skip intro option

Step 3
Choose the ‘Rotten Netflix’ extension from the list of available extensions in the chrome web store and select ‘Add to Chrome’ option to include this extension to your browser.

Step 4
You will now see the ‘Rotten Netflix’ extension added to the chrome and now while opening Netflix, you will be able to see the rotten tomato ratings for the movies.

The user can now view the Rotten Tomato review while deciding the movies to watch.