Installing A Flex Video Cable On A Samsung Laptop


Like all electronic devices there can and will be places where a part has failed or is exhibiting signs of failure. A display on a laptop can often go out without warning to give you a blank, white, fuzzy screen. If you’ve verified that the motherboard in your laptop and its ability to output a graphical signal through the HDMI or VGA cable is in order and the issue is primarily with your laptop’s video cable running up the to display then this tutorial will show you how to install a flexible video cable on a Samsung laptop. Please note that we are dealing with a Samsung NP300E5A Laptop that has suffered from a white screen issue.

1. You will need to verify the model of your Samsung laptop. An SKU will help two fold when trying to locate it and source information for it off the www. Flip the laptop on its underside to gain access to the sticker with the relevant information.

2. With you preferred web browser, key in the Samsung laptop’s model number and locate its manual. The manual should hold information on how to disassemble the laptop.

3. A few tools will be necessary. You will need to have a small flat head screw driver. A thin, firm plastic wedge in order to pry the edge of the display gently, a spudger will do, as well as a Phillips #0 and a Phillips #1 screw driver.

4. Disconnect your laptop from the wall socket, the power brick and power down.

5. Undo the screw under the laptop to remove the cover and make sure you have gained access to the motherboard of your laptop. You should see, underneath where the left hinge should be, a cable that runs up to the topside. You can leave that as-is for now.

6. Flip the laptop over and open the display/lid in the up-right position.

7. Armed with a flat head screw driver, use it to lift off the rubber/plastic screw caps found at the bottom edge of the screen’s bezel. They may also reside at the top edge of the bezel as well.

8. Unscrew the screws found underneath using a Phillips #0 or a Phillips #1 screw driver. Be sure not to misplace/loose them, they will be critical when restoring the laptop.

9. With all the screws removed, turn the laptop with the right edge of the screen facing you.

10. Starting at the right of the screen, you should have your fingers (from both hands) grip the bezel’s inner edge and gently try lifting it towards you. Without much force the screen’s bezel should unsnap. Make sure to have the side you’re working on face you. You can use a spudger but you will need to work from one corner and then make your way across the entire inner edge of the screen.

11. You can also use the spudger to get the outer edge free from the lid’s construct.

12. Once you’ve freed the outer bezel, set it aside.

13. You should be greeted with a display. The display is held in place with 4 screws under which are 4 tabs. Unscrew them.

14. Before placing the screen flat onto the keyboard, place a layer of paper towel to prevent any scratches coming onto the display.

15. Lay the screen down on your newly prepared surface but do not tug it towards you. The flex cable is fragile and can succumb to damage through internal wires tearing.

16. Undo the cable(s) that connect up to the panel.

17. Set the panel aside on a soft anti-static surface, taking care that it doesn’t pick up any scratches.

18. You will now need to undo the flexible cable that was connected to the display. Be gentle in undoing the cable as it will be guided through some plastic half loops located within the bezel’s inner frame.

19. As you remove the cable, you can work your way to the underside of the laptop. The cable should be secured with more half loops.

20. In step 5, the cable you’ve worked your way from the top should lead to a point on the motherboard. This is the point where power and display is being fed to the panel. Unhook it by pulling it vertically.

21. If you’re unsure of what to look for in terms of a replacement FLEX video cable, you can use the P/N (part number) referenced on the panel side of the FLEX cable to source a matching part from Ebay, Amazon, or Aliexpress. This is why we suggested doing a bit of homework and finding the SKU for your laptop as well as the manual since replacement part numbers can and will be detailed there.

22. With your new cable in hand, reverse the steps you’ve followed through to this point. We suggest that you not replace the bezel until you’ve moved past step 23.

23. Power up the laptop after you’ve reassembled it (sans the bezel). If the cable is alright as well the installation procedure successful, you should see a display on your panel.

24. You can now power down the laptop and snap the bezel on.

You should now be able to move ahead with your daily chores on your laptop. Please note, you can use this tutorial to work through other similar styled laptops when it comes to replacing the flex video cable.