Limit Ad Tracking on an iOS 6 Device

Using mobile applications is one of the biggest benefits of having an Apple device like an iPad or an iPhone. However, if you take your privacy very seriously, you may not be happy to learn that app developers will often track your purchases and web activity as a means of presenting you with targeted advertisements. If you are using iOS 6 and want to limit this kind of ad tracking, use the following steps to do so.

Step 1
As with every other iOS function that can be turned on or off, ad tracking can be found in your “Settings” menu. Start by opening Settings, selecting “General,” tapping “About,” and then looking for the “Advertising” tab.

Step 2
Select “Advertising” to open up the screen where ad tracking settings can be changed. Later iOS devices provide multiple options under the Advertising menu, but if you are using iOS 6, you should only see one option: “Limit Ad Tracking.”

Step 3
Toggle the Limit Ad Tracking switch to the “On” position. The function is turned on when the switch has been slid over to the right hand side of the phone. The switch should turn blue and read “On.”

Some users like targeted advertisements. They figure that if they are going to have to deal with ads on the mobile apps, those ads might as well be for something they might be interested in purchasing. However, if you are someone who considers ad tracking to be an invasion of your virtual privacy, you can use the above steps to shut it down on your iOS 6 device.