Manage App Notifications on an iPhone Running iOS 11

App notifications keep you updated about any activity related to their corresponding. For instance, you can configure when and how the notifications about the new messages should appear on your iPhone screen, whether your iPhone should notify you about a new incoming mail, etc.
The good news is, you can either turn off notifications for all the apps in a single go, or you can configure the notification settings for each app individually.
Here’s how the notifications can be manage for all or individual apps:
    Get to the Notifications window
    Tap Settings > Notifications. This opens the notification window from where you can manage the notification settings for the individual or all apps.


    Manage notifications for all apps
    Tap Show Previews, and choose your preferred option from the Show Previews window that opens up. While keeping Always (default) selected always displays notifications for all apps, selecting While Unlocked or Never shows the notifications only when your phone is unlocked, or never shows any notifications at all respectively.


    Get to an app’s notifications window
    From the Notifications window itself, tap any app (App Store for this demonstration) from under the NOTIFICATION STYLE section. This opens the apps notifications window. From here you can manage all notification settings for the app.

    Manage notification settings for the app
    Tap the Allow Notifications, Badge App Icon, Show on Lock Screen, Show in History, or Show as Banner toggle buttons. This disables (enabled by default) their corresponding feature and the stops the notifications accordingly. Alternatively, you can even choose whether or not the notifications should appear permanently on the screen until you acknowledge them.


    Repeat the above steps to configure the notifications for other apps in the NOTIFICATION STYLE list.