Monster Hunter World - A Kestodon Kerfuffle Quest Guide

Monster Hunter World is a game that will make you face different kinds of monsters that you have never seen or heard about before. This quest is also related to slaying some monsters. If you want to complete the quest successfully, then follow the steps mentioned below:
This quest is the third one in the Astera and the Ancient Forest. The objective of the quest is to slay five female Kestodon and three male Kestodon.

It will give you 1200z as a reward if completed successfully and that is more than the reward of the previous two. The time limit of the quest is 50 minutes and it will fail if you either faint three times during the quest or if you run out of the time. Now that you know the overview of the quest, accept the assignment and then follow the steps below:
1. When you reach the south-west camp, plunder the supply box and then follow the field team leader towards the north.

2. Soon you will come across the river-crossed lowlands where the Aptonoths are found, drop down there and then continue following the field team leader until he brings a herd of Kestodon to your attention.

3. The Kestodon will be smaller and bipedal monsters and the pack that you will come across will include a male that will be leading a pair of females. You can tell them apart by the size where the males are significantly larger.

4. Your task is to kill the five female Kestodon and three male Kestodon so start with this pack. Once done, keep on following the Team leader towards the northeast to AREA 4. You will come across another herd of Kestodon and this one will be larger than the previous one.

5. The Kestodons will be wandering on the beach at the southern end of this area. There will be more of them there and will be enough for you to complete the task. Don’t be afraid of their numbers as they are not much of a threat.
6. When attacking them, make sure not to attack frontally as your attacks will bounce off their shielded heads. Also, if you see them charge towards you, dodge their attack. Males will be more threat to your as they have bigger sizes and they are aggressive.
7. When you have met your kill quota you will need to return to the Field Team Leader. The leader will then find some more tracks will follow them for a while. When the tracks end, the Field Team Leader will find a real monster that will be a big threat for you “The Great Jagra”. This is where the quest will come to an end.
Once you have completed the quest, you will be faced with a bigger enemy “The Great Jagra” and that will start another quest “The Great Jagras Hunt.”