Monster Hunter World - A Rotten Thing to Do Quest Guide

This is also one of the tracking and hunting quests where you will be tracking down a monster called the Great Girros and then you will have to kill it. So if you want to know more about the quest and how you can complete it, then refer to the guide below:
This is also one of those quests where you are required to track and kill a monster. Although the quest is similar to others, the good thing is that the monster is always different and this one also has a different monster. The objective of this quest is to find and kill a Great Girros.

You may have come across this monster before when you were completing the quest last quest that required you to kill five Raphinos. Anyways, the quest is going to be a bit easy as you may have already fought this opponent. So if you complete this objective successfully, you will get a reward of 3240z which is adequate. You will have 50 minutes of time to complete the quest and if you run out of time, you will fail the quest. Also, you will fail the quest if you get fainted three times. The Hunter Rank required to complete this quest is 8 which you should have by now. Anyways, with the basics cleared, let’s start the quest:
1. The first and the most concerning thing about hunting down the Great Girros is that it wanders in the depth of the Rotten Vale where you will be welcomed by the nauseous gasses that will drain your health continuously.

2. The solution to this problem is that you fight in the areas where the mist is not dangerous enough. You can do that by luring the Great Girros to that area and then fighting it there. Or, you can just fight it in the area where the mist is and just keep an eye on your health. Another solution to this problem is that you can craft some Hornetaur Mail which will eliminate the damage of the toxin.

3. Now comes the Great Girros itself, it is also a great pain as it can inflict thunder blight and paralysis that can leave you helpless for quite some time. The only way you can counter this attack is to wear an armor that has paralysis resistance.

4. So with the basic preparation out of the way, you will need to fight the Great Girros. Go to the Rotten Vale and then descend to the middle layer as you will usually find the Great Girros there in the AREAS 6 to 9. Once you find it, start the battle.

5. The head of the Great Girros receives the most damage and its tail and legs are the fine secondary targets and all of them can be broken. Also, the Great Girros is weak to the water and sleep.
So once you kill the Great Girros, carve it and then the quest will be over which will grant you a reward of 3240z.