Monster Hunter World: All Brute Wyverian

Almost every large monster in the monster hunter world is more or less a Wyverian. And each class of Wyverian monsters is furthered categorized into certain subclasses of which the brute Wyverian happens to be the most common type faced by the players in some different situation environment.
This guide aims to introduce you to some of the most common brute Wyverians in the game.
Brute Wyverian in Monster Hunter World
There are basically big brute Wyverian in the game presently. The fifth one is also included upon the launch of the DLC. A commonality to all Wyverian monsters is that they’ve evolved to the life walking on land and are actually fully capable of doing bipedal walks!

Most of the Wyverian monsters share ‘head’ as their weak point, though there are some exceptions to this.
Barroth, Anjanath, Radobaan, Uragaan, Deviljho are the five famous Wyverian monsters found in the monster hunter world. Follow is a brief introduction of each monster
Barroth-Brute Wyverian
The first brute Wyverian you’ll encounter in the monster hunter world, Barroth can be found stomping ground mainly in the Wildspire waste. The beast covers itself into the mud to better its resistance. This is the only monster in the four whose weak point is not the head.

Anjanath-Brute Wyverian
An Anjanath monster can be targeted by attacking its head which is the beast’s weak point unlike Barroth. This monster is particularly difficult to kills and takes quite a challenge to be captured or hunted down. Aside from its head, its tail is also an easy target of attack.

Radobaan-Brute Wyverian
The monster has a unique liking to rolling and covering itself in bones wherever it goes. Make sure to weaken its spines before you attack because the spines act as armor for the beast. It is important to hunt because it may be useful in unlocking an armor set. You can find Radobaan Wyverian monster in the Rotten Vale.
Uragaan-Brute Wyverian
With acts and motions exactly those of Radobaan, it’d be pretty hard for you to see that it is actually an Uragaan Wyverian! You must sight the monster in the Elder’s recess. Just as is the case with previous two Wyverian monsters, the weak point for Uragaan beast is also its head that remains vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.

Deviljho-Brute Wyverian
The monster is going to be launched into the monster hunter world soon. But it is being expected that the monster would be the last brute Wyverian in the game. Hardcore fans of the monster hunter world are already familiar with this beast; it is actually the newcomers who are going to be having a tough time squaring off the beast.

Out of certain handful types of monsters in the monster hunter world, you are most likely to encounter the brute Wyverians the first of all monster’s subclasses. Monsters in this class live on land, and mainly walk on two legs.