Monster Hunter World - Flying Sparks Tobi-Kadachi Quest Guide

Another quest that involves hunting down a monster and this one is very fast and sharp. So if you want to know more about the quest and how you can successfully complete it, then refer to the guide given below:
Another assignment that requires you to hunt a monster, but, this one is a new monster and it is more dangerous than the previous ones. The name of this monster is Tobi-Kadachi and your objective is to hunt him down. If you successfully complete the objective, you will get the reward of a handsome amount of 3240z, a bit less than the previous hunting quests but still good for you at this point in the game.

Anyways, you will have 50 minutes to finish the whole quest which is a good amount of time. And you will fail the quest if you either run out of time or faint three times. Also, you will need a Hunter Rank of 4 to start this quest which you should already have. Anyways, with these things in mind, let’s complete the quest:
1. Go to the quest board and accept this assignment and then travel to the Ancient Forest as the Tobi-Kadachi can be found there. This is a straightforward quest where you will not have to complete any sub-objectives. You just need to find the Tobi-Kadachi and slay it.
2. The lair of the Tobi-Kadachi is in the boughs of Ancient Forest in the AREA 14. But you will be able to find its tracks near to the camp at the northern part of the AREA 1, outside of the lair of Jagras. So you might need to go there and start searching for clues and when you find the signs of the monster, follow them.

3. The Tobi-Kadachi is a strange monster and is quicker than the previous monsters and gets more agility in its lair. The monster uses its mobility for fast dives, charges and bites so look out for them. Also, you can use your slinger to shoot him while he is gliding so you can knock him out of the air.

4. Besides just moving around, it can perform tail swipes and spin attacks if you go behind it. So the safest way for you to attack him from the flank. Don’t perform large attack chains unless you are fully sure that you can get away with it.

5. Make sure to keep moving while fighting and if you lose its sight, just keep moving and it will eventually reappear. The head and the tail of Tobi-Kadachi will take the most damage and both are breakable. It is strong against thunder and vulnerable against water, fire and ice.

So fight the monster while keeping these things in mind and once you kill it, carve it and the quest will end. After completing it, you will get a handsome reward of 3240z.