Monster Hunter World: How Get Black Crystals?

Monster hunter world is a game that gives players real-life gaming experience by allowing them to collect, and craft useful ingredients that are all necessary for survival and success in the game. These items offer a number of uses for the players such as helping in defense against the beasts, providing strong armor shields for protection, or even helping weaken the monster and its attacks.

Whenever you go to the smithy in monster hunter world, you are sent to find new stuff. This happens almost every time. A visit to the smithy means you are required to find something every time you decide to go to that place. You are barely told the location where you will find the required stuff and most of the time, you are entirely on your own.

One of the missions is about finding black crystal tickets and this guide is just about that. Read it carefully and you’ll be able to get the quest done.
What is Black crystal ticket?
A black crystal ticket is basically an ingredient that is used in the crafting of what are called shadow shades. This comes as a reward for completing the level six quest called ‘Flash in the Pan’ where, having hunted three Tzitzi-Ya-Ku monsters, you are allowed to craft this item. Since this quest is on the rotation, you can’t really get is as and when you want.

This quest will be displayed in the smithy menu of your monster hunter world. But to get the shadow shades listed there, you must complete the quest ‘A Flash in the Pan’ at least a single time.

Despite that item is listed in the crafting menu in the smithy, the black crystal tickets won’t be available. Just as with some previously discussed quests in monster hunter world, you will need to have a certain number of black crystal tickets in order to be able to craft them. And to get the required number of tickets, you may need to repeat the quest at least three times.

You can go find the ‘A Flash in the Pan’ quest in the ‘events’ section. But if the quest is not there, there is unfortunately no way around than to just wait until the quest pops up there. This makes the quest for black crystals a quest requiring to be played with caution and patience.
During the journey of finding the black crystals in monster hunter world, you are likely to face situations where seeking help is inevitable for proceeding ahead. For this purpose, a monster hunter world: guide hub has been created that you can reference whenever you need to. This will help you understand how to kill monsters, find rare materials, and get a strong grip over MHW’s mechanics when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.