Monster Hunter World - How to Co-op an Expedition

Playing the Expedition with friends in a co-op mode is one of the least clear parts of the game. But this guide will help you get your friends to play an Expedition with you. There are two routes that you can take to play an expedition co-op with your friend(s). Both are very easy to understand. So let’s see them both:
1st Method:
This is the simplest method of starting an expedition with a friend and it guarantees the deposit of all of the players in the expedition. But, the only downside is that you will have to complete a quest. Follow the steps below to Co-op an expedition:
• You need to start by launching an investigation or any other type of quest. Make sure to add your friends that you want to play the expedition with.

• Now once the activity is completed, then instead of choosing to return to Astera, you need to go to the camp. Make sure that all of the players choose this option. If not, then the player will be taken back to the Astera.
• Now once the timer goes down to zero, all of the players who selected to go to camp will enter in the Co-op expedition.
This is all there is to get into the co-op expedition. You just need to complete any quest and then make sure to go to the camp instead of Astera.

2nd Method:
This is also an easy one and the best thing is that it will not require you to complete any quest. You and your friends just need to follow some steps and you guys will be in the expedition in no time. So have a look at the steps that you need to take:
• As soon as you land on the campsite, go to start menu and navigate your way to the Quest tab.
• Now you need to select the “Fire SOS Flare” option and it will set off a flare, which will let other players know that you require help.
• Now your friends need to go to the nearest Quest Board and then select the “Join a Quest” option.

• Once done, they will then need to select the “Respond to SOS” option and set the type of the quest as “Expeditions” so the search is limited.
• Monster Hunter World will then list every SOS flare that it can see. Your friend will have to go through the list to find your name. And if somehow, your SOS flare does not appear in the list then you may need to cancel your SOS flare and then send it again.

• Once your SOS flare appears in the list, your friend will have to select it and if your Quest Join Settings are set to manual, you will get the Join Request that you will have to approve.

• As soon as you approve the request, your friend will be added to your Expedition.
These are some steps that you can take to get your friends to join your expedition. Remember, the 2nd method may take five to ten minutes for the SOS of your friend to appear on the Quest Boa
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