Monster Hunter World: How to Get Elder Dragon Bone?


Monster hunter world is a game that is full of amazing surprises for the players. As you continue to explore the game more and more, it continues to offer you new stuff which could be extremely useful to you in the coming quests. Most of the stuff that you come by may be used to craft some new weapon or the armor set.
The rarity of the items depends on the power of the weapon. Usually, weapons with more powers require to be crafted with items that are found in scant quantities in the monster hunter world. One of these particularly rare items is the Elder Dragon Bone 7 that you can use in important stuff as you progress through the game.
This guide will walk you through the process of how to get the elder dragon bone and use it in your interest.

Where and How to Find Elder Dragon Bone
In order to find the elder dragon bone, you will have to go to the elder dragons in the monster hunter world. The very name of the quest seems to suggest so. Knowing, however, where to find the dragon bone is not enough. Just because you know the name of the location where the dragon bone can be found doesn’t tell you any practical ways to earn the bone which is the actual essence of the quest.
- In order to actually get the bone, players need to do some acts on their end. First things first, you should know that elder dragon bone drops from an elder dragon-like Nergigante. The elder bone drops off as a reward when the player takes down an elder dragon.

- The bone is listed among the high-rank rewards for killing beasts like Nergigante ranked 3 out of 5 stars. So, there’s not a lot that players are supposed to do get it. Getting the elder dragon bone is fairly easy. Simply beat the monster and take the reward.

- It is important to know that the players will have to ‘carve’ up the reward instead of taking it right away. How you will do the carving up depends on how you treat the monster. In case the beast is killed, the carving up will be done manually by yourself. However, where the monster is taken or capture alive, carving up is done automatically.
Here’s a list of the dragons that are all likely to drop an elder dragon bone as a reward. But you should know that Nergigante will always provide you with with the bone you seek even if neither of the below-mentioned dragons does.
- Kirin
- Kushala Daora

- Nergigante
- Teostra
- Vaal Hazak
- Xeno’Jiiva
- Zora Magdaros
Remember that in order to encounter most of these dragons, you are supposed to be a high-rank player with considerable missions into the monster hunter world as this is a high-rank quest.