Monster Hunter World: How to get throwing knives?

During combats with the beasts, players may find it safer to attack from a range so as to avoid coming into the monster’s direct attack. For that purpose, they usually employ bow or bowguns which require to learn the technique before being able to use it.

But not all players are willing to spend time learning the trick of using bow or bowgun. From them, there’s another way to make attacks from a range. It’s called throwing knives. These seemingly little blades provide considerable help in effectively landing damage to a monster from a safe distance.
What are throwing knives and how can you get them? It is exactly to answer these questions that this guide is written.
How to get throwing knives?
Throwing knives, though much needed, are exceptionally difficult to come by. They can neither be crafted nor be bought from Astera. There is however only one way you can obtain throwing knives in monster hunter world which involves the supply box on different quests in the game.
This is where the actual problem lies.

While the supply box is a must to acquire throwing knives, not all missions give you the box. The best chance you could have at getting some throwing knives is that you can only hope that the quests give you some of them. Things are made more difficult by the fact that throwing knives are removed from your inventory store as soon as the mission closes. Therefore, you can take the knives out of the mission.

The situation makes thing quite complicated. For example, if you want to craft a paralysis knife, you will need to do things: first, you will need to know where you can find Parashroom and second, you will only be able to craft the parashroom if and when the quest gives you some throwing knives.

It doesn’t end there, as not all missions will give you a supply of throwing knives. If you really want to use a throwing knife, you’re just going to have to hope that the mission gives you some. Furthermore, throwing knives cannot be taken out of a mission, they will be removed from your inventory once the mission finishes. And as soon as you have crafted the knives that you need, you won’t be allowed to take them back to Astera.
Different versions throwing knives
When a mission gives you the supply box containing throwing knives, you can basically create four different versions namely tranq knife, poison knife, sleep knife, and paralysis knife.
In order to craft these knives, you will need to possess tranq bombs, toadstools, sleep herb, or a parashroom.

As throwing knives are more suited to combat on a short-range, if you find yourself engaged in a longer-range fight, you might want to try other useful weapons for that purpose such as bow or bowguns.