Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock High-Rank Quests, Rewards, Weapons, and Armor?

As you’ll progress through the monster hunter world, you may find a lot of stuff including quests, armors, and weapons labelled ‘low-rank’ that will leave you wondering if there are any ‘high-rank’ quests and how to get them unlocked?
In this brief guide, you will learn how to unlock high-rank quests, weapons and armor in the monster hunter world. But be advised that it may take some time.
What is High-Rank Material in MHW
As implied by the name, the high rant content in monster hunter world means those quests, weapons, and missions that are a step-up in difficulty that you have been playing so far. In high-rank content, you will fight monsters with greater health, armor will have more defenses and skills, and weapons will be able to land more damage.
High-rank content basically enhances everything in the monster level thread. It increases the threat level as well as the ability to deal with these threats. As monsters become more powerful and healthier, so do the weapons and armor sets that players use against them. So, it is all about playing the game on a greater level of difficulty and risk.
How to Unlock High-Rank Content in MHW
The high-rank content will be unlocked when you have progressed through the story missions until you fight Zorah Magdaros a second time. This is going to be a pretty rough battle that will require you to climb the monster, while at the same time fighting off a Nergigante, making a strong defense for a barricade using a large spear on the ship directing the elder dragon giant out into the ocean.

After this quest, another expedition called ‘Invader in the waste’ will be thrown your way. In this quest, you are to head to the Wildspire waste to hunt a Pukei-Pukei. When you return to Astera from this quest, you will find all high-rank content unlocked.

High-Rank Armor
To find the high-rank armory, visit the Smithy. Selecting the forge tab will open two further tabs namely low-rank armor and high-rank armor. High-rank armor also has two versions with each set boasting two skills per armor piece.

High Rank Weapons
High rank weapons include decoration slots that add to their damage output and utility. The upgraded versions of weapons are incredibly useful especially in cases where players are trying to hunt some of the tougher, and higher rank versions of the monsters such as deadly Odogaron.
High-Rank Expeditions, Quests, Investigations, and Bounties
You can find high-rank expeditions in the resource center. The expeditions of high rank will be highlighted by the orange stars.

For expeditions, you can opt for the high-rank expeditions using shoulder buttons displayed on the controller of your game when you go to one of the gates leading out of Astera. The highlight of areas changes from blue to orange showing whether the expedition is of low or high rank.

The high-rank expeditions or quests are distinguished by the additional mining outcrops that you may mine offering fresh materials to upgrade the weapons and armor for forging. In such quests, if you hunt a monster they will also reward you with high-rank materials.