Monster Hunter World - Jagras of the Ancient Forest Quest Guide

Just like Stardew, there are different quests in Monster Hunter World that you can complete and earn rewards. There are some optional quests and then there are some assigned quests. This is one of the assigned quest and will help you know the basics of the game.

So if you want to successfully complete the quest, follow the instructions given below:
The first time that you will fight Jagras is during this assigned quest. The objective of the quest is to slay 7 Jagras and you will find the quest if you run out of time or faint three times. You will be assigned 50 minutes to complete the quest and you will get 720 Zenny as the reward. After you have accepted the quest, you will be free to explore the Astera until you are ready to go. You can grab some food and change your gear as well. Once you are ready to start the quest by pressing the TouchPad button. Or, you can also start it by going to the main gate of any town and pressing X/A.
1. When you reach the Ancient Forest, you will come across The Handler. She will tell you’re the basics and will also mark the locations on the map where you will encounter the Jagras. Then, she will take you to the supply box, so make sure to get everything that you need. Grab First-Aid Meds and EZ ratios at all costs.

2. Once you are done with here, you will be accompanied by the Field Team Leader and will be free to go on your quest.
3. You started the mission inside the Southwest Camp where you made landfall on New World. So what you need to do is to follow the same path as last time by heading towards the northeast to arrive at the river-crossed lowlands where the Aptonoths feast.

4. Ignore the Aptonoths and meet with your Field Team Lead and then follow him to the north and he will take you to the Jagra’s Lair that is found beyond Vine Shroud.
5. Now enter the Lair of Jagras and you will be faced with some. Don’t worry; these are not many sturdy monsters. Kill some and some will run off.
6. Harvest the bodies of the ones you have killed and then go deeper into the lair to find some more Jagras.

7. Once you come across some more of them, go ahead and kill your required number of Jagras to complete the quest. Once you kill them, loot what you can before the quest ends.

These are some steps that you need to take in order to successfully complete the quest. The quest will give you 720z as a reward on top of the loot you gathered from the quest. You can store that loot or you can sell it. It totally depends on you. Also see the progress of your Palico during the quest.