Monster Hunter World: Kulu-Ya-Ku - Bird-Brained Bandit Quest Guide


This one is also related to tracking and hunting a monster. It starts when you are searching for a spot to make a camp and you see the Kulu-Ya-Ku monster who is busy in digging up the treasure but once it spots you, it runs away. If you want to complete this quest successfully, then follow the guide mentioned below:
The quest is about hunting another monster. This time your objective is to hunt down the Kulu-Ya-Ku monster. The reward for completing this quest is 1800z which is higher than the previous quests. Unlike the last few quests, this one has a condition you need to fulfil and that is to get a Hunter Rank of 2. Only then you will be able to start this quest. Also, the time limit for this quest is 50 minutes and you will fail it if you run out of time or faint three times. So once you start the quest, you need to follow the below-given steps to complete it:
1. Once the quest starts, you will have to do the same thing you have been doing in the previous quests, search around for the monster. You can look for the Kulu-Ya-Ku by searching for clues to its location.
2. To get the clues to the location of the monster, you need to get your scoutfly level up which will help you track the monster and eventually lead to him.
3. You will usually find the Kulu-Ya-Ku lurking around in the AREA 5 to AREA 7 and also in the AREA 10. So what you need to do is to go and search for the clues in these areas. Look for bird-like footprints and once you have uncovered enough tracks, you scoutflies will fire up and will lead you to the Kulu-Ya-Ku.

4. Once you find the monster, you will now have to engage with him. When you are fighting with this monster, you need to look out for two different things. The first one is its inclination towards running away which may attract some more monsters and secondly, its tendency to use tools. The tools use of this monster is limited to digging and taking out a boulder and using it as a bludgeon. It also uses the boulder as a shield blocking the frontal attacks.

5. So if it picks up a boulder, you can always throw some projectiles with your slinger to make it drop the boulder. Also, be careful of its most dangerous attack that is the leaping boulder slam. It also makes the same attack without the boulder but that one does less damage as it is without a stone.

6. It is best to attack the Kulu-Ya-Ku from the side of from the behind which will get you around its boulder if it is holding one. Also, it is far easier to attack that way.
Fight the monster while keeping these things in mind and once you have killed it, carve it and the quest will end.