Monster Hunter World - Landing the Landslide Wyvern Quest Guide

This quest will be a bit harder than the last one as it involves the mighty Barroth. So be prepared to have a tough fight. And if you want to know more about the quest and how to complete it successfully then refer to the guide given below:
Another quest that requires you to capture a monster. And this time, it is the Barroth. The one with stone for a skin that can deflect mightiest blows. Anyways, your objective is to capture it alive and you will be given 3600z as the reward.

The time limit for the quest is 50 minutes and it requires Hunter Rank 3 which you already have. Also, the quest will fail if you faint three times, run out of the time or kill the Barroth. It is similar to the previous quest so you need pretty much same things. Also, you have the benefit of knowing the monster in this quest as you have killed him before. But, it’s not about killing it now, it’s about capturing it alive. So without further ado, let’s start:
- First of fall, visit the Provisions Stockpile to get extremely important equipment for this quest and that is the trap tool. It will cost you 200z per trap tool, get at least two of them.

- Next, you will need some sleep herbs, thunderbugs, and parashrooms. You can find all of them in the Ancient Forest. You find many of these in abundance at the upper boughs of Ancient Forest. You can also get the parashrooms and thunderbugs near the northeast camp as well. You can also find the sleep herbs in abundance in the AREA 4 and AREA 9.

- Now that you have the components, you need to interact with your item box. Select the “crafting list” option and craft at least one shock trap along with two tranq bombs.

- Once you are done with your traps, you now need to find the monster. You know by now how this works, get your scout fly level up to three and then locate the monster.

- Now punish the monster until a skull appears by the minimap icon of the monster and then it will return to its lair so follow it.
- Now the problem that you will be facing is that its lair is underwater and you cannot place a lair there. So what you need to do is to drop your trap along the path of Barroth and then provoke it once it is sleeping and then retreat.
Once it comes out of the water, it will be captured and the quest will end giving you a handsome reward of 3600z. Just make sure to follow the steps mentioned above to complete the quest successfully.