Monster Hunter World - Rathian Guide


Rathian is unequivocally a terrifying monster that can do a lot of damage with its attacks if you are not quick enough to dodge them. So if you want to know more about this monster and how it behaves, read the guide about it below:
General Information:
Rathian is a very strong monster but you will not see it much. This is because this monster does not appear anywhere besides the main story. The monster has appeared in 6 quests named: Royal Relocation, Gettin’ Yolked in the Forest, Redefining the Power Couple, Brown Desert Green Queen, The Sleeping Sylvan Queen and Special Arena: HR Rathian. It is a Flying Wyvern and has Low Rank, High Rank and Tempered Threat Level 1 variants.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
When it comes to the strength then the Rathian is strong against the Fire element and against the Poison and Blast ailments. If we talk about the weaknesses then it is weak against the Dragon element and Stun ailment. The Rathian’ tail, head and wings are receptive to damage where the head is the most receptive. And its head, body and wings are breakable while its tail is severable. So make sure that you are targeting these parts of this flying Wyvern.

When it comes to the preparations for fighting this monster then it is clear that you need a good meal to fill up your health as it is not going to go down easily. Also having some poison resistant ranks will be helpful as its attacks can inflict poison. If you don’t have the ranks, make sure to bring some antidotes. It is obvious that it will breathe fire so make sure to have some Fire resistance to mitigate the damage. And if you have the Fire resistance score of 20+ you will not be set on fire.

It is a Flying Wyvern so make sure to be prepared for some areal aerial attacks. But besides a mediocre dive attack it only performs one aerial attack. This aerial attack is a vertical spin where it will smash the ground with its tail and make sure to dodge this attack as it will not only inflict damage but poison as well. And even if you have dodged this attack, don’t let your guard down as it can perform this attack immediately after. Other attacks of the Rathian include the usual tail sweeps and bites. Besides these attacks, it will also breathe fire where it will shoot a single blast of fire or three in a row. Lastly, this monster also performs a back and forth rush attack that can also deal some damage.

So these are some of the important things that you should keep in mind if you ate planning to fight the Rathian. These things will definitely help you understand the monster and how you can prepare for fighting it.