Monster Hunter World - The Best Kind of Quest Guide

This one is a new kind of quest that you will get at the start of the Wildspire Waste. If you want to know how you can complete the quest then follow the guide given below:
The quest is a bit different than the previous ones where you just had to kill and carve a monster. Although this one also includes killing a monster, you will also be assigned to escort your companions along with a wagon and then you will be faced with a monster named as Barroth that is hard to kill but you will have to kill him to end the quest. The quest is simple but lengthy. Once you complete the quest, you will be rewarded with 2520z.

The condition of starting this quest is Hunter Rank three which you would have already acquired by complete the previous quests. The time duration of the quest is 50 minutes and you will fail the quest if you either die or run out of time. Now that you have the necessary knowledge about the quest, let’s start it:
- You can start the quest by picking it up from the quest board. Once it is started, you will walk alongside the Handler and some researchers who will be pushing a cart through the area. Make sure to grab some first aid and specially sling ammo.

- Follow your companions to the AREA 5 where you will come across a big and scary beast roaring at a distance. Enter the cavern ahead and you will come across a Rathian.

- Now your job is not to kill it but to engage it long enough so that the researchers can pass the area along with the cart. To make sure that it does not pay attention to them, you will have to distract it. And you can do that by throwing some rocks near it through your slinger.
- If it becomes angry and finds you, simply evade it until your squad passes the area. Once done, join your squad again.
- After that, you will reach the AREA 8 where they will need to do some research. Soon, the wagon will stop and you will find some monster tracks along the way. So there is a good chance that you are not alone here.

- Go to the molten pile that is left behind and soon a Barroth will show up. It is a monster that is made of stone and its thick skin coated with mud will deflect most of your attacks.
- So to get rid of its mud, you will have to use the water element. Throw some water moss with slinger to get rid of the muddy coat.

- The head, legs and arms of the Barroth are weak and can be broken. Its attacks are front-oriented so you need to avoid the frontal attacks and stick to the flans and rear. The Barroth is weak against fire and ice and strong against the water element so keep that in mind while attacking.
After you have killed the Barroth, carve it and the quest will end giving you a reward of 2520z.