Monster Hunter World - Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands Quest Guide

Well the game is already ended and now you are just facing tempered monsters which are far more dangerous and strong than their previous versions.

So if you want to know how you can complete this quest and defeat this tempered monster, refer to the guide below:
Another post-game quest where you will have to slay a monster that you have fought before but the reward is bigger than the previous time. The monster is a tempered monster which is basically a lot more dangerous and stronger than its previous version. Anyways, the objective of the quest is to slay a Kirin which you have fought before but this one is a tempered version. So if you complete the objective of the quest successfully, then you will be rewarded with an adequate amount of 21000z which is not less considering that you already know many of the stunts of the opponent.

You will be given a window of 50 minutes to complete the quest and if you are unable to complete it in that time, you will fail the quest. Also, if you faint three times during the quest, you will fail it. Lastly, you will need a hunter rank of 49 or higher to start the quest. So with these things in mind, let’s start the quest:
- This monster is going to be a tough and killing it will be a chore. And therefore, you will have to make the necessary preparations before engaging it. Firstly, get a good meal and then make sure that you have a minimum 20 score of thunder resistance. Also, if your meal is lacking something, use the ancient potion to fill that.

- So when you find the monster, just go ahead and engage with it. You have already fought its lower ranked version before so you know all of its weaknesses, strengths, vulnerable parts and attacks. Just remember that if you make it angry enough, it will throw a tantrum and will charge up and will grow stronger. When enraged, it will take less damage as well.

- You already know that Kirin is weak to fire and if you don’t have the weapon with fire element then make sure to have a blast ailment as Kirin is weak against it as well. There is nothing that doesn’t apply to this tempered Kirin that applies to the normal one. This one is just stronger and deals more damage. So fight the monster while keeping these things in mind and you will definitely be able to take it out.

Once you have killed the monster, you will be able to complete this quest and that will earn you a generous reward of 21000z.