Monster Hunter World: Vaal Hazak Fang?


In monster hunter world, you are fighting a lot of powerful beasts who can take your life in a single hit. It is therefore only natural to want a strong defense against these attacks. Vaal Hazak fang is basically that protection which players may need to save themselves against powerful attacks from enraged monsters.
This guide will tell you what is Vaal Hazak fang and how can you obtain it. The write-up also contains guidance on how can you use it to your benefit.

What is Vaal Hazak Fang?
This particular gem gets drop every time you take down the elder dragon known as the Vaal Hazak. Just as with other items in the monster hunter world, getting it is not only about killing the monster or finishing a mission. In order to get a Vaal Hazak fang +, you are required to break specific parts of the monster, carve up the pieces, and it is only then that you are given a decent chance to get the rewards that you seek. There are multiple ways to kill the monster and each method has its own probabilities of success that have been discussed before.

How to Obtain Vaal Hazak Fan +
You have four ways to obtain the Vaal Hazak Fang +, but the process itself is not clear and requires an explanation for some players. It is upon the methods that you choose to go after this highly in-demand material that your success ultimately rests.
As mentioned earlier, you need to hit specific parts on monsters’ bodies to get Vaal Hazak Fang +, here’s what percentage of the stuff you’ll get from which monster and hitting which part of their body.

- Breaking the Head of Vaal Hazak - 66%
- Vaal Hazak Body Carve - 8%
- Reward from Gold Investigation - 14%
- Reward from Silver investigation - 15%
As can be clearly seen from the above figures, your chance of getting Vaal Hazak Fang + are the most by breaking the head of this large dragon. It has 66% chance of giving you the gem as a drop-off.
Now obviously hitting the head of the monster isn’t for the weak.
Another way of Getting the Vaal Hazak
Other than breaking the head of the monster, your second-best chance lies in hunting this dragon in gold and silver investigations. Though the chances in these investigations are fairly low by combining them with breaking the beast’s head, odds are being drawn into your favor.
To ensure that the investigation is either gold or silver, verify it via the resource center or the quest board.

Third chance, with the lowest probability, is by carving up the Vaal Hazak’s body. For this, first kill the monster and then start carving it as shown in the prompt on your screen. Since you will be carving the body anyway, it doesn’t really matter if this method has the least percentage of success.