Monster Hunter World - What a Bunch of Abalone Quest Guide

This is one of those quests where you don’t have to do much but will get a decent about of zenny. It is an easy quest and will not take much of your time. So if you want to know more about the quest and how you can complete it, refer to the guide given below:
If you love the quests where you become the delivery boy and deliver different items to your camp then this is one of those quests. Besides, completing the quests that are different from routine fighting and killing is always a good thing, it gives you variety and takes away boredom. Anyways, this quest is about delivering 10 items that are called Super Abalone.

If you manage to deliver them all successfully, you will be rewarded with a decent amount of 3600z, not bad for a delivery mission. You will have whole 50 minutes to complete this quest and that’s a lot of time for this simple quest. If you run out of time then you will faint the quest. Also, if you faint three times during the quest, you will fail it. You can only start this quest if you have a Hunter Rank of 6 which you should have by now.

Anyways, with all the essentials cleared, let’s move on to completing this quest:
1. Just like the previous quests Prickly Predicament and the Fungal Flexin’ in Ancient Forest, you will have to search and collect the object Super Abalone which is the native to an area. You will have to recover a set amount of these items which is 10 to complete the quest. Although these items only worth research points, completing the quest will give you 3600z.
2. So to get the Super Abalone, you can go to the AREA 3 where you will be able to find a decent amount of them to collect. But, if it does not complete your desired number of collecting Super Abalone, then you can go to the AREA 5. The AREA 5 will have larger number of these items and you will be able to complete the quest in no time.

3. Just make sure to be cautious and attentive while you are collecting these items as you will be in the areas where the monsters Kelbi, Ralphinos and Shamos are found so you may have to fight some of them. Therefore, it is best if you go prepared for such scenarios.

4. Keep looking in the areas mentioned above and if somehow you do not get enough quantity of the Super Abalone to complete the quest, you can always go away from the area and then come back to find the Super Abalone respawned.

Once you have collected all 10 Super Abalone, you will be able to complete the quest which will reward you with a handsome amount of 3600z.