Monster Hunter World: What are the Research Points?

Monster hunter world is filled with many amazing mysteries that are not normally mentioned anywhere. One of the many baffling points relatively unknown to many is what are called research points. This brief guide will tell you what the research points are, what’s their use, and how you can obtain them.
What are the Research Points?
Research points help you improve your skills at hunting monsters. These points are basically another type of currency in the monster hunter world and you can find them in the pause menu at the top-right of the screen. To make comparison easier, the research points are usually tracked alongside Zenny.
You earn research points whenever you do an activity while on a quest. Capturing any pets to place in your room, and tracking and trapping a monster are few such activities that result in you getting research points.
Where to spend Research Points?
Once you have earned some research points, you obviously want to spend them somewhere to obtain benefits.

If you have earned these points, you may use them to purchase the following products
Palico products
This is the special equipment that enhances the power and security features of your furry friend. You can do so from smithy in the workshop.

Canteen food
Instead of using zennies to buy food at the canteen, you can get a fair amount of edible at fairly reasonable price by using research points. A hundred research points could get you good food.

Botanical research center fertilizer
You unlock botanical research garden much later in the game which allows you to plant your own herbs and bugs without having to worry about the search for herbs on a quest. Once you have the garden unlocked, it won’t take more than a few hundred research points to be able to harvest your stuff in order to grow it at a faster rate.

Tailrader safari missions
This is the most expensive use of the research points. These quests unlock later in the monster hunter world allowing you to send a group of Palicos out in the world to look for and hunt down the monsters, and collect the items for you. Depending on difficult the mission is, trailrader safari missions could cost you up to and beyond 600 research points on each quest.

Melding pot
The melding pot allows you to craft rare items by breaking down other items.
How to get research points?
You can earn research points by doing anything that you normally do in the monster hunter world. For example, finishing quests, earning bounties, tracking and capturing monsters are some of the normal activities that earn you research points.
As you progress through the game, items tend to become more expensive. When you reach that stage, you should better start availing every opportunity that could earn you these points.