Monster Hunter World: Where to find celestial pursuit?


Monster hunter world is a vast game which is home to numerous kinds of wild fauna and flora. Although most of the stuff is not at all convenient to come by, they’re all vying for a monster to come hunt and harvest them.
Monster hunter world likes to complicate stuff at times. In order to add spice to the interest of the players, the game requires to go to areas that you haven’t even heard of. It is in those areas that you will find what you need in order to complete the quest and move on in the game.
One of such long-lost areas is called Celestial Pursuit. Where and how to find this area is what this guide is all about.

What is the celestial pursuit?
Many players wouldn’t know a thing about the name especially when all they care for is trying to remember the monsters in the game. What most players find relevant is only to be able to remember the name of the monsters and where they are found.
A celestial pursuit is a place located in the hub-world of Astera. To specify, you will find it at the very top of the at the ship-sitting.

Where to find celestial pursuit?
At the very top of Astera there’s a space called the gathering hub. This is basically a private section which can be used for informal meetings for you and your clan members. This ship is basically called the celestial pursuit.

When a quest requires you to find the celestial pursuit or you are supposed to meet someone where, simply go to Astera. From there, take to the backside of the area that is close to lifts, and head to the very top of the gathering hub. There you go! The problem is solved.
The celestial hub is more or less a gathering hub. What actually confuses people is that not a lot of quests and people refer to it as the celestial pursuit. That’s why when you hear about it, it feels that you have never been to there and it’s kind of a new area.

MHW is a game which could easily consume hundreds and dozens of hours of your life. The quests continue to come up, and new probes and exploration missions continue to baffle you all the time. From trying to unlock Aloy’s armor, to farming Anjanath, monster hunter world is a right away addicted game.