Monster Hunter World: Where to Find First Wyverian?

As implied by their name, the first wyverian, in the new monster hunter world, are the first race. They are important for the information they hold as well as for being a special race in the MHW. In one of the many quests in the game, the players are given the task of going out in the wild and gather as much information about the first wyverian as possible. For a number of reasons, it is considered a good idea to learn some facts-based knowledge about the monsters.
This monster hunter world guide aims to help players find the first wyverian and what information they should look for when they come across them.
Where to find the First Wyverian
Normally the quests in monster hunter world appear on the quest board. The quest to find the first wyverian, however, does not appear on the said board either as an assigned or an optional quest. Finding the first wyverian is more of an expedition resulting in a fight.
- The players who are trying to find the location of this character will be led to head to the ancient area which is the first area the players are likely to meet the monsters, trying to capture them.

- Capturing the first wyverian isn’t a straightforward quest. The problem rests with the fact that there is no marker that points to its exact location. Even if the players have fought the beast previously in the monster hunter world, they won’t find it where they did earlier. The beast is likely to have moved away.

- The new location of the first wyverian is now in section 17 at the top of the ancient forest. Though the players will be led to the first wyverian from the markings and footprints but before that, they’ll need to fight another monster, the Rathalos. Don’t be annoyed by the cutscene that starts playing as soon as you reach the area where the first wyverian rests. No need to worry about searching for it.

- After the end of the cinematic, players will have two options at their disposal. They can either continue the hunt of Rathalos or they may choose to quit the expedition here and attempt to end it sometimes later. The next stage of the quest won’t begin until the first wyverian has been found and sighted. After this, the players will see a request turning up that will require them to hunt down two major monsters.

The ideal thing to do at this time is to finish the pending older optional quests followed by an expansion in the canteen, and unlocking of several mantles. This is important because fighting the Rathalos and Diablos isn’t easy.