Managed to get your hands on a Oneplus Two with a invite or on one of their open sales days? Here is a tutorial on how to personalize your OP2 with the in-baked features!

Shelf is a great little feature that lets you put all your most frequently used contacts, apps, and also some of your preferred widgets in one area.

Enabling it is easy - Simply hold down on an empty part of your home screen, then tap on Settings on the bottom right. There you should see the "Enable Shelf" slider.

Changing the system wide theme
With the OP2 you can switch to the dark side by enabling the Dark Mode system wide theme.

To enable it - Go to Settings> Customization> and there you should see the "Dark Mode" slider.

You then have access to change the Accent color below, with the options of grey, magenta, yellow, green, red, blue, orange, and light blue.

LED notification colors
On the same page as the system wide dark theme slider (Settings> Customization). You have the option to change the color of your LED notifications.

Enable on screen keys
Fancy on screen keys over the physical buttons at the bottom? This is for you!

Simply go to Settings> Buttons> and hit that "On-screen navigation bar" slider.

In the same page you can also enable some shortcuts for the Recents and Back button, for example, long press to open Camera, or double tap to turn Voice search.

Another nice feature to have is gestures.

Enable it in Settings> Gestures> and tap on the slider, there you can choose to Double tap to wake, draw "O" for camera, "V" for flashlight, and controlling you music by drawing "||" to pause and "<" or ">" to swipe through tracks - all without having your phone on!

Battery symbol
One thing you probably didn't know you could do is change your battery icon.

In Settings> Battery> tap on that little battery picture at the top right. From the small drop down menu you can choose to have a Battery Bar, Circle, Percent, or just hide the thing in total.

Icon packs are a great way to personalize your phone. You can simply download one from the Play Store and either enable Icons for certain apps by:

Holding down on the app> dragging it to "Edit" at the top> and lastly tapping on the icon and choosing the pack.

What's great with this is you can have multiple packs mixed together to form your ultimate personalized pack, and also its a better way to go if your icon pack comes with icons with different color options. The other way to enable icons is to:

Hold down on a empty part of the screen> Tapping on settings> And choose your icon pack from the "Icon pack" option.

This way will automatically enable Icons for your whole phone.

I hope you guys liked this tutorial!