PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Difference Between Solo, Duo and Squad


There is a debate going in the PUBG about which one is best among Solo, Duo and Squad and which one is better for which purpose. So to bust this bubble of confusion once and for all, you need to read the comparison below:
When you are playing as a solo, there are some things that you can do better in the solo mode than the duos or squad. For example, you will get the complete freedom to play the match according to your tactics and style. You will be free to loot whatever you want, land wherever you want, go wherever you want, fight with whomever you want and so on. You will not get this type of freedom in the duo and squad mode as you will have to consult with your teammate(s) for everything ranging from landing to fighting. Also, you will not be dependent on anyone to watch your back and neither someone will be dependent on you so that means you will be free from the responsibility for looking out for your teammate(s) while you should be focusing on playing your own game.

The Duo mode is great if you have a friend who is ready to play with you. Both of you can work on different tactics and strategies and then you can apply those in the match. Also, if you want someone to watch your back, you will have that someone in the duo mode. You will be able to get cover while you are getting loot, consuming an item or simply reloading your weapon. But there is just one problem and that is you will not be able to play freely as your teammate will be depending on you so you will have to make decisions while keeping your teammate in your mind.

Playing as squads is the most fun. If you have friends who are willing to play with you then all four of you will be able to go on and cause destruction in the game. You will be able to make your own strategies and you will be able to take out other squads which is a lot of fun. But the problem with squad is that if you all land at one place, there is a chance that not all of you get the loot as there will be loss loot and more players.

So if you land separately then there will be a risk of getting killed by other squads. Also, you all four will need a smooth internet connection with working headphones and microphones so you guys do not get disconnected and be able to communicate seamlessly.
So with this comparison, it is decided that the solo mode is best for practicing the game building your own skills. You will have a lot of fun while making strategies as squads and you can get the fun of playing and working on strategies without many players in duos.