PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Finding Vehicles


Vehicles are an important part of the game and you can do a lot of things with them. This is the reason that many players prefer to find vehicles as soon as they are done with the looting. So if you are one of them and want to find a vehicle quickly then the tips given below will definitely help you find them:
Land in Cities:
This is very important when it comes to getting the vehicles. This is because often times, you will find a lot more vehicles in the big cities than in small deserted areas. So if you want a quick loot and a vehicle then make sure to land in big cities. Another important thing that you should note is that you are likely to find a vehicle if you travel by the road. There are vehicles parked near the road or in the garages of buildings on the roadside. So make sure to walk near the road discreetly so you don’t get spotted by an enemy and find the vehicle as well. This sometimes also applies to deserted areas where there is a road, just walk near it and you will find a vehicle.

Survey the Area:
Another useful tactic to find the vehicles in a particular location is to survey the area when you are landing. This will help you know the locations of the vehicles parked in that area and later on when you are done looting the items; you can go to that location and get the vehicle.

Also, when you are getting vehicles from the specific locations, make sure to remember those locations. This is because the next time you land in that area, you can just go to the place where you found the vehicle previously and get it.

Use Scope of Weapon:
This is a very useful tactic. Not many players know about it but you can use the scope of your gun to see vehicles at a distance and know if you want to go there or not. This means that when you are going in a specific direction in hopes of finding a vehicle and it is a smooth surface like a road, you can always use the scope of your gun to see at a far distance and know if you will find a vehicle there or not. This is also useful for separating out of order vehicles with the working ones. Players get fooled by out of order vehicles and only come to know that they are not working when they reach near them. So with the help of a scope, you will be able to know if the vehicle that you are seeing at a distance is working or not. Just check for rust and its tires and you will know.

These are some of the useful tips regarding finding a vehicle. Just make sure to get to a vehicle discreetly as someone else may also be getting there to get the same vehicle.